Veg journey- easy or hard?

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Is it easy or hard to become vegan? A lot of people talk about the transition from eating meat to plant-based diet as a journey. Within the vegan community there may be dispute about the concept of baby steps.

It is possible that some people went from watching a video or talking to a friend, directly to embracing a vegan life. For many others, there are different paths, and some stop in different places, often for years.

I made this scale to show that there are easy steps to take no matter where you are.

For my personal path I went from watching a documentary to taking a 30 day vegan challenge to 90% plant-based and now extending to ethical (C to M to N to O).

Many people stay at vegetarian level forever or for years. I am always surprised at what triggers someone to take further action. It is very individual. One long-term pescetarian told me she was considering going vegan after seeing a beautiful live salmon is a stream while on a hike. Other omnivores may make a connection between their pet companion and be struck by the similarity to intelligence and sensitivity to farm animals.

If you aren’t ready to go vegetarian or vegan, there are other steps you can take from Reducetarian, to Meatless Mondays to Vegan before 6.

Where are you on the scale? What order did you take? Any other major steps along the way you think should be added?