Eat. Draw. Win.

Two consistent goals from as far back as high school or college have been to lose weight and draw more. Back then, I actually didn’t need to lose much weight. I now carry 20-30 pounds more that I should! I’ve tried to keep track of what I eat, but it doesn’t really work for me.

Then I stumbled upon a local Illustrator’s work who drew everything she bought for a year. It really helped her to think about whether she wanted to buy something knowing she would be recording it. I finally realized that I communicate best through art not words. Writing down words to describe the food I was consuming didn’t make the impact that drawing it would. To see it visually represented, and know that I was making a commitment to “commemorate” each item I put in my mouth makes me be much more careful. Plus, drawing every day is one of my goals anyway.

The last piece in the puzzle is to make this public. Privately, it would be too easy to stop doing it, or to eat without the pressure of knowledge that this will be under outside scrutiny. Maybe. Whoever is interested in this personal project- I will let you know if it works. I honestly think that I will weigh 20 pounds less by my next birthday- May 2012. I was going to call this Eat. Draw. Lose… but that sounds too negative.

So here are my rules. I will add to them as needed.

1. All food that is more than a single bite needs to be drawn by the end of the day. (I’ll change that rule if I start taking bites of everything!)

2. Upload the drawings by the next day.

Feel free to comment, or join me.