Sept 11: Mushroom Spinach Curry

This is from one of my favorite Indian resources, holy cow vegan. I made it so quickly, and it is really delicious. Pretty healthy too- just 1 T oil to sauté the onion, and used 1/2 cup light coconut milk.

I used a full 16 oz of mushrooms, and 4 loose cups of spinach, and curry powder instead of sanbar.

Just add brown rice and it is a quick, tasty meal. It is staying in my repertoire. Not as much a favorite for kids I would guess, will have to let you know on that. The fact that one of my kids doesn’t like mushrooms or onions doesn’t bode well since neither are disguised at all. Look at her photos on the website to see how it should look. It is almost impossible to mess up I think!

Mushroom Spinach Curry recipe

I’m excited to start cooking my Meal Mentor plans starting tomorrow! I bought all the ingredients for around $100 for what will hopefully be a full week’s worth of food. I did add a few things we just needed like bread, coffee and cereal. Some of the ingredients were very expensive like a bottle of maple syrup, but will be used for awhile. The 4 portobello mushrooms, artichoke hearts and 6 red peppers were a bit pricier items than I would normally purchase.

I’m running out of ideas and need some help with what to make. This was nice to not even think about it, just buy what was on the list. Meal planning really has made my life easier since I am not running to the store every day… I think we will save money in the end and with this meal plan, it uses only whole foods, no fake meats or processed items. The most worrying part is whether the kids will eat it some of these recipes that are a bit unusual like “lobster rolls” using artichoke hearts.

Here is the menu, take a look!