Sept 5: Lynn’s Meatloaf

Another favorite from Engine 2, I have made this a couple times before and even my picky kid really loves it. It is a healthy meatloaf, that if you do it right, makes a most delicious sandwich. It has great texture and flavor.

So, the recipe online has one major difference from the one in my book. They revised it to be more plant-based by using lentils instead of the fake ground beef meat the book version uses. Well, I made it the book way, but I am sure it is just as delicious with lentils. Especially if you cook those lentils in vegetable broth.

Besides using that package of “meat” crumbles and I recommend Smart Ground Original from Lightlife, I also left out the onion powder, sage, thyme and all spices simply because I didn’t have them on hand. It was still really good, but I think that would have made it way better. If you want to make sure it doesn’t fall apart, mash up the tofu and make sure it has enough liquid.

We had it with some potato salad that a friend brought us, and it was delicious!

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