veg mo fo

Hopefully I made it on to the blogroll. For those who are new, check out the “why?” section and last post. We’re renting a big house for a last gasp summer vacation with good friends, in Walla Walla, Wa. We’ve all known each other for 15 years-25 years! This is a somewhat central place to meet for all us. And bonus for the wine tasting that abounds in this area. I mentioned that I work with wineries and got some excellent industry discounts.

This first post is not the typical type of post. My goal had been to start my veggie graphics in August and work heated up. I’ve made progress with my website and know what is holding me back.

As far as veg content for this post… Walla Walls has a vegan restaurant called Garden Cafe that looked amazing. We had smoothies there but when we returned they were closed for Sunday and Labor Day.

Trying to find places to eat that work for our paleo diet friends as well as us is challenging. This last night we all cooked our own things and people shared. My biggest challenge is making appealing food. Or even cooking at all. Look forward to getting new recipes so I can start off the school year with some new ideas.

Stay tuned…