A month of “eat less meat” meals

For the month of September, we’ll be posting for VeganMoFo. It is a challenge to undertake a month of blogging (and cooking!) vegan meals. It is an area that causes difficulty for the average person to know how to replace standard meat-centered meals.

Obviously, there are a lot of concerning articles about climate change, and many angles to approach. However, the personal one that each of us can undertake, and makes a huge difference is choosing what we purchase and put on our plates.

We can dispute all day, about whether we should eat meat or should not eat meat. But, what is indisputable is that all of the billions of people on earth can’t eat meat at almost every meal. As one of the worst offenders, this country needs to change drastically. There are ways to ease into it, start with Meatless Monday, try one vegetarian meal a day, or vegan before 6. Don’t do it because someone shouts at you to “Go Vegan!”. Take these steps because our future is at stake. I can’t think of a bigger cause, because this issue affects all of us- the animals and the people: homeless, transgender, feminist, gay, wealthy and poor. Fires, droughts, floods, record heat levels, the climate isn’t going to improve on it’s own.