Boycott Chicken- I’m serious.

I’ve done a lot of research about factory farming, but this article really shocked me, and saddened me.

I saw this, not through PETA or Mercy for Animals. This is for the general public, consumers. When is enough, enough? When do we say- this is not tolerable? No one seems to give the meat industry grief when they serve up 87% of their chicken as contaminated with e-coli. No one cares that the chicken are living in cruel, deplorable settings. We’re fine with the preventative antibiotics in their feed that are creating immunity to antibiotics for us. It’s okay for them to pump them full of solution to add weight (fecal broth), and then to pay for that additional weight.

Now, they are sending these miserable slaughtered, diseased carcasses to CHINA to be processed, and then shipped back to us. I guess since we have created such a very high demand for meat (mind you, far exceeding just population rise), that we no longer can manage it over here. The devastating impact to the environment caused by the slaughterhouses are now compounded by shipping meat overseas- round trip!
What could go wrong? Stop eating chicken. Just for awhile- let’s say one month. Send the message to the USDA that consumers do not approve. And we will not condone this. Chicken is actually rated the very worst as far as risky meats already.

Once the chicken industry sees that it is not in charge, the other producers can take notice as well.  If not- well, what else can they do that would make you take action? Seriously?