Eating less meat for health reasons

Interestingly enough, the health aspect of a plant-based diet was one of the main reasons I first tried a vegan diet. However, I rarely touch upon this in my writing. The animals and environmental issues just seem so extremely critical, that the health angle is not as important to me personally.

Obviously, it can (and should) be a major reason to try a plant-based diet. There are so many conflicting versions of what diet is the best, misinformation, and big industries purposely misleading the American public. Even to the point of trying to force out any humane or healthy alternatives.

All diets embrace eating vegetables. Most are fine with fruits as well. From what I have researched, even as a non-expert, whole foods are absolutely the way to go. No one endorses fast food, processed food or sugar.

After that, you will find experts to argue with whatever side you think is correct. Since so much harm is definitely proved for the environment and animals, and the simple logistics that our earth cannot sustain our growing population eating meat with every meal, eating less meat has to be the path we take.

People are always worried about protein deficiencies, however the bigger issue is that Americans are eating twice as much protein as they need. And yes, that is a health problem. What if there is a link between animal proteins, including casein and cancer?  Beyond dietary health, there are safety (bacteria and over-use of antibiotics) concerns due to the conditions of the factory farms, where 99% of our meat is produced.

Here are a few dietary resources I like, check them out and see if they make sense to you.

The Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine

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