February- a new start

I recorded everything a bit sporadically last month, but this month I will update every day. Plus, there are less days in this month, so it should be a bit easier, January just went on and on.

This month, I will be eating vegan. Or at least trying my hardest. I don’t eat a lot of meat normally, and have been leaning towards vegetarianism for a long time. I like fish a lot, and cheese, and my lattes, so this is sort of a trial period. I won’t be super strict about it as far as needing to make sure there is no honey in my wheat bread for example. But, I will avoid eating any eggs, dairy, and fish or meat directly.

There are many reasons I will be doing this: environmental, health, weight loss, and animal cruelty in the food industry.

I suggest watching Food, Inc, Fast Food Nation, and Forks over Knives. Check out this brief summary of veganism if you want to learn more. I am not trying to preach to anyone, I just want to lighten my carbon footprint, and maybe even my physical one too.