For the children

I’ll be honest, I’ve read so many articles on the environment that I really don’t see much hope for the future sometimes. I know so many kind, loving parents who don’t seem to realize that we’re setting our children up for a very harsh future. I was one of them.

My children make me want to keep trying to make a difference. They are inheriting a mess. To those who think everything is just fine… pay attention. There are X number of people and X number of resources. That’s it. Climate change is real, it’s happening, and once it reaches a certain point- it will accelerate exponentially. Eating less meat is the single biggest thing each of us can do as individuals. Factory farming is contributing more to greenhouse gases than all our transportation.

Maybe it comes down to your beliefs that it is better to indulge your right to eat as much sushi as you can at this point while it is available, rather that cut back now so that there will be fish at all in 20 years.

What makes a difference to you?