Future goals


In my bagel post, I brought up the idea of different levels of veganism. The V word can be a tough one to swallow for many who have stereotypes in mind as to what this lifestyle represents.

I’m not here to talk to vegans, so maybe it is best to stay out of the controversy altogether. Different people are reached in different ways, and there is a place for all of us who care about these issues. The goal I have set for this website, is to encourage as many people as possible to reduce their meat consumption, and just bring awareness.

I don’t think love for animals is enough to change people’s diets, sadly. I know too many people who would never hurt an animal themselves, but don’t think anything about eating it once someone else has killed it and prepared it. The connection just isn’t there, or it isn’t strong enough.

But, what if I told you your children will suffer the consequences of ignoring the factory farm issues? That because we didn’t act quickly enough or make drastic enough choices, they will live through very hard times. We can’t even imagine their world because of the chaotic and exponential factors involved in climate change.

I’ve had a really good life. I think abstaining from animal products is a very small price to help the future generations enjoy or extend that privilege.

I want my kids to know that I definitely tried.