Hopefully inspiring posts to start tomorrow!

We’re home from our trip, and while it was very fun to share a big house with my old college friends, I came home feeling a bit demoralized with how I eat/socialize with the group and how I represent the vegan lifestyle. The challenges the world faces seem very serious and real to me, yet I don’t know how to communicate that to those around me easily. It is hard when you really want to make a difference in the world, but you can’t even do it with those close to you.

I’m in a rough food spot where I don’t really know what to eat, and am losing interest in making special meals. Seriously, I could just eat a plain cucumber and be somewhat happy. It is not the best advertisement for this lifestyle. Nor is the fact that despite cutting a lot of food out, and eating less in general, I don’t think there is noticeable weight loss.

Lastly, our stove just died, and we were planning to remodel, so the stove may be a few months away since we’re not just replacing it. This makes my go-to roasted vegetables, enchiladas and veggie pizzas, etc a thing of the past.

I have no intention of giving up. I need to get it together and find recipes that work for all of us. If I can make it more desirable, I think that can help.