How can I make a difference?


I want to be a friendly resource for those who may not have considered a plant-based lifestyle.

There are so many logical and strong arguments to change; from huge environmental impact, to animal cruelty, to health reasons, that we simply cannot continue our current path as our population grows and lifestyles of Western consumption spread. It is not illogical, just unpopular. I believe we just need to make it as easy as possible for people to adopt.

The frustrating part is that although I believe in my message and passion, I haven’t grown my readership past my own personal friends- or just slightly beyond that. I am extremely grateful to these people, but those who know me, probably won’t tell me the hard truth. I want to talk to non-vegans, from “carnivore” to vegetarians, so that is pretty much 99% of the people out there- I need to know what will make them interested in this subject. I’m not here to preach to the choir of those who already agree!

At first I hoped to simply raise awareness in a fun way by using art: illustrating veg food on instagram and the blog, making info graphics that would make the data easier to visualize.

Then I tried posting about articles that I felt consumers would want to know– like how some chicken is shipped to China. Or, environmental issues.

I added resources on HOW to make changes, to make small steps, or have a trial period.

Still not gaining more interest, I just posted my own personal lifestyle posts about our family, hoping to just be somewhat interesting enough to engage.

And now, I am feeling that the bigger obstacle is just the newness of people learning how to eat and cook without animal products.  To that end, I think recipes and meal planning are the most important hurdles.

I want to use my time wisely… how can I best help you?