Last day of summer

School starts tomorrow and I am as bummed out as my soon to be 4th grade boy, but I don’t want to set a bad example. I tell him to focus on the Power of NOW (Eckhart Tolle book), and don’t think about the past or future and just live in the moment. I remember that I need to follow my own advice.

I’ll have some regrets that somehow we never did swimming lessons or went camping. I won’t miss spending $1,800/month or so for childcare! Thank you parents for doing 2 weeks each of “nana and p-paw” camp for free! I will not think about homework, making lunches and driving all over Portland to different schools.

The kids are vegetarian for now. They don’t really eat enough variety to only eat vegan. However, I think they will change at some point to eat less dairy and possibly eggs. If they ever find out how the dairy industry works, I think they will stop. Someone (not me) told them what was in gelatin, and they refuse to eat gummy bears even.

I know for me, every time I think about having milk or cheese, I think about the calf that was taken away from it’s mother immediately so that we could have it’s milk instead. The boy calves that are destined for beef or veal.

If I can ensure that they eat a more well-rounded diet, I would feel better about cutting the dairy out completely for their meals. It’s a slippery slope, once you start looking into things, you become committed. You are now accountable. I am sure that is why many people choose ignorance on the topic. It’s time for us all to wake up.