Midway through the vegan month

More drawings are coming soon! I have faithfully recorderd up to Feb 12. Then, I guess I got really busy with work and Chika leaving. I may have to skip 5 days of this month. I am still eating vegan. Except for a few small bites of cheese cake, and a couple bites of pastries that I pretended to think might not contain eggs or butter.

It has been WAY easier than I thought. My cravings for eggs, butter, cheese, and milk have pretty much gone away. Meat does not sound good. There seems to always be a vegan option available so far.

The bad news is, I didn’t lose a miracle 10 pounds like I thought. Jonathan had the same experience with the new scale. For some reason, it registered a high weight initially, but now seems more accurate. I have no doubt that staying on this plan would help me lose weight gradually though.

I don’t view what I am doing as a diet. It limits some food choices, but I can eat whatever I want from the many options I do have available. I am getting a little worried about the amount of soy I have been eating. I discovered yesterday that hemp milk tastes just fine in a latte, so I will try to keep the soy consumption down a bit. Tofu is just such an easy, tasty option. I made an eggless egg salad with it, and a vegan lasagne where the tofu substituted for ricotta.

After this month, I will probably add in eggs from local chickens. I buy them from a place where the chickens are just hanging out, and I don’t have any problem with treatment. Otherwise, I picture chickens with their beaks cut off, crammed together in filthy conditions. Free Range and Cage free can mean that they just have a small yard, or a door open for 5 minutes a day. You can read about it here. The pictures are not pretty- but sometimes the truth is not pretty.

All my life, I have been trying not to think about where the meat came from- cooking my hamburgers until they are so well done, no blood comes out. Only buying meat with no bones or skin. Avoiding any fish with heads still attached. I finally feel my eating is aligned with my feelings about animals, and it feels really good. Do we really just not want to know how our food is produced?