Try moderation

This doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Try eating LESS meat. If you still eat red meat, only buy the very best grass-fed beef from local farmers. Be picky. If we stop buying the mass-produced meat, maybe practices can shift. The meat worship- putting bacon in ice cream, donuts, etc is just bizarre.

I’ve been doing a LOT of research. I’m looking at studies about how Americans (and other countries) are doubling their meat intakes- with corresponding rising health issues. I’m reading about the environment being decimated to produce enough grain and water for the animals. There is also the issue of the animal welfare- and how the treatment is so horrific and unhealthy- it is inhumane.

If you are not interested in health, environment, or animals. Do it for your kids. Who may have to be vegetarian by 2050 out of necessity not choice. Who will never have a chance to eat wild fish because we’ve destroyed the oceans with our greed to eat as much meat as we can without regard to the rest of the world or the future.

You don’t have to cut everything out if that seems too difficult, but the move is going to happen this way anyway just based on our limited resources. Can we slow down the process rather than speed it up?