What’s a veggie kid to do?

Today I went into the school to add money to my son’s lunch debit card. Yes, things have changed since my day when you brought a nickel or whatever. I actually think the milk cost a nickel back in my day. A school lunch today now costs $2.60 at our school.

Anyway, my son really wanted the brunch for lunch option they are serving today, even though we usually pack his lunch. We pack his lunch because I think it is healthier food, but also because most days the entrée is meat except for meatless Monday schedule.

I asked the woman in charge of the cafeteria about the lack of veggie options as today’s lunch is pancake with sausage. Her advice? “well, he can just not eat the sausage”. That just doesn’t seem like the fair way to accommodate, you know? Just eat half your lunch.

I know she doesn’t create the meal plan, but I do think it is an issue to address. Everyone wants more veggies for children. Instead of making a pre-packaged white bread pb and j sandwich the fall back choice for kids who don’t eat meat, why not make an equally good vegetarian option? There are other ways to include protein in the meals. In fact, we are now eating twice as much meat as we did 40 years ago, so cutting back consumption should not be difficult.

I’m probably not going to make the school lunches my biggest issue, although I can see that reducing meat in schools could have a large impact. Our family is fortunate that we can send our son to school with a lunch we made at home, although those needing to use the free lunch option, do not have that luxury.

These posts are not a “my way or the highway” type of attitude. It is more about making adjustments that will benefit everyone’s lives for the future. We are talking about sending chicken to China and back for processing. Time to make adjustments. Eat meat if you want, but leave options for those of us who are trying to lessen the impact on the environment and the animals. Or, give a choice for those who might otherwise try a veggie option if it was more appealing.