When I die

This is a strange post to write. And honestly, I wanted to call it “If I die”, which I guess is way too optimistic.

I don’t like to think about unpleasant things- like impending earthquakes, or animals being tortured in factory farms, the Earth running out of water… but most of all I don’t like thinking about death. Although it is the most natural thing I suppose, it is not something we plan for like a wedding while we are relatively young and healthy.

Lately, I feel so ineffectual at promoting the benefits of eating less meat. I can only hope that I make a difference in some way. I am certainly not anyone famous. Even within our own families, I don’t know that we’ve influenced anyone. My mom has been the most supportive, and I really appreciate her willingness to accommodate, and experiment with plant-based cooking. Her chocolate mousse made with tofu is my new favorite birthday dessert.

Yesterday I heard that Scott Dinsmore from Live Your Life had just unexpectedly died while pursuing his dreams. In his short life, he made such a huge impact on so many people. He made a difference, and will continue to inspire people even now. Watch his Ted talk, I listened to him at the 2014 World Domination Summit. I’m so sad his life ended so soon, but I know that his life had great meaning and purpose. It was also a reminder that we only have limited time.

If When something happens to me… I hope that if my friends and family want to remember me, it is through eating less meat. I would feel like my death made some incremental change in the lives of the animals, and hopefully in turn our kids.