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So, Happy Spring! I haven’t posted here for a few months for several reasons (although I do share interesting articles I find on Eat4theFuture’s Facebook page). Here are the top three…

First: Our political situation. It’s like a train wreck and for the first 30 days more like a roller coaster wreck. I can’t believe some of the things happening, and from signing petitions, protests, and calls, we are trying to make sure this so-called President does not overwhelm us. I was told by a conservative relative today that I was too negative. For me, it’s like watching Hitler come into power, while people say to give him a chance. I am not trying to alienate those who don’t agree, and would like to find some common ground… like we both want clean air and water perhaps?

Second: I became very busy with work. Since December I have had so much design work, and that is great and I have no complaints about that. But it has cut into my blogging time. (-;
One of my projects involves creating illustrations for The Vegan Strategist, which I am very excited to share with you all soon.

Third: My recipes and food ideas hit a plateau. I celebrated my 5th veganniversary in March and I just ran out of creative ideas. I think it will come back, but for awhile I couldn’t wait to try all the new recipes, Indian food and more. I posted about my food plan, and I still follow that mostly. But, for example, instead of trying new cookies, I am making my favorite cookie recipe every time. I think running out of new ideas or getting tired of cooking happens to everyone.

Lastly, we got a dog! He is a 4 year-old rescue basset/pit bull mix. I love him more than I thought possible. I’ll write more about him later. he’s on Instagram along with Spring flowers.

I would really love a little motivation and push. So, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and I will post more blogs. Also, let me know what interests you! I’m willing to try recipes, in fact, eggplant bacon will be coming soon. Also, if you want to see more food illustrations, let me know.