December 15

Too much snacking! Chika just arrived yesterday and brought some delicious little rice crackers- they are buttery, and sweet and salty all at the same time. I would probably eat them all, but Gavin loves them even more. “I just can’t stop eating these!” he keeps saying.

The whole wheat bread I am loving so much is a new find. I found it in the health section of Fred Meyer’s, Honey Wheat bread from The Bread Stop in Eugene. Made with Willamette Valley wheat it claims. It has just the right thickness, and density, so good!

Lastly, I am anticipating a caffeine headache tomorrow if I don’t get coffee early in the morning. Very low intake today.

Dec 14

Trader Joe’s is the devil.

Dec 13

Thanks to Elizabeth, I found out there is a tofu place near our house. I think it called Bui’s Natural Tofu on 76th and Glisan (it is set back from the street). They have different versions of tofu- fresh and fried, even in flavors like lemongrass and onion. I went in there hungry, and wanted to try everything. I even chose a green-wrapped little package that was still steaming. It ended up having a strange gel-like flour inside, with some ground pork and mushroom. The shredded papaya salad was good but extremely salty. The salad roll was delicious, even though Clio pronounced it too “spicy”.

For dinner that night, I made the kids homemade postickers/gyozas. Chopped cabbage, sweet potato, garlic and chopped up onion tofu. They ate them- if Clio eats them in her lunch today, it will become a regular item.

Out of a $100 shopping trip to Fred Meyer, $10 was spent on grapefruit and satsumas… I may have a problem.

P.S. NWI = Not Worth It, WI = Worth It


Dec 12

Decided to add my latte in the pic this time. For all of you coffee fans, that will make you immediately crave one.

I don’t know if I forgot something, but I don’t think so. I appear to be eating less, without really trying. There are definitely a lot of moments when I am about to pop something in my mouth just because it is there, when I remember I have to record it, and decide not to do it. I think it will become easier to just stop the snacking as this goes on. One of my friends lost 20 pounds and looks amazing (Lis!), and she told me that she became more comfortable with the feeling of hunger. How many times do you eat something before you are even hungry?

Dec 11

All caught up. I’m really proud I have made a whole week, usually not that good at this type of thing. I forgot to draw the salsa I dipped the wheat thins and, plus a handful of freeze dried blueberries. Both were practically no calories or fat at least.

So far, I have lost about 3 pounds just by being more concsious of what I am eating. 2 or 3 pounds doesn’t really count since that can vary in a day, but I’m just happy the direction the number on the scale is moving. Once I get the habit of recording down, I will work on more detailed illustrations.

December 10

This looks pretty innocuous, but it was actually a lot of food. My fajita illustration definitely does not do justice to the delicious dinner! I ate more chips that those pictured. I think I will start drawing closer quantities. It was a vacation weekend, so recording was a bit slip shod.

December 9

December 8

Was kind of a strange day, lunch wasn’t filling enough so I ended up having a snack right before dinner. Dinner was not good, so I didn’t end up eating much of it at least. The natural cinnamon toast crunch was way too good to be that healthy, but at least no high fructose corn syrup. I threw in some of those freeze dried blueberries too.


December 7

Oops! It was actually Wednesday, December 7.

So today wasn’t the best. I switched to a thinner pen or there is no way this would all fit on one page. One thing I am noticing is that I tend to want to taste anything I can see. Yikes! Also, I think I eat so many satsumas because I am really thirsty and not drinking enough water. Especially with all the coffee I drink. I was falling asleep on the couch and had to have that last one…

Thanks for the nice comments. I would love to post any of your pictures. If you email me a photo, I will start a section for friends!

December 6

Today fit on one page, yeah! Honestly, I would have eaten more but didn’t want to go to the next page. I did really well today. That enchilada recipe was really good! I modified it since I didn’t want to make the tomatillo sauce. Super easy and healthy.

Yoga was supposed to be heated level 2 Vinyasa. The heater was out when I got there, but I thought it would be interesting to see how much I sweat if there is no heat. Well, not much it turns out. But it was an especially difficult workout since the teacher wanted us to get warm. The funniest thing was that these 2 friends who were checking in (30’s, well-dressed professionals), were actually getting in the yoga teacher’s face about the heat being out! And in the studio and locker area they kept complaining to each other, “This is bullshit”. It was so out of context with the whole namaste vibe. Someone needs to practice their ujjayi breath.